I’m not local to Southern California, do you travel?

YES! Traveling is my absolute favorite, I’m pretty much always on the move, and I’m available worldwide! I do charge a travel fee based on the location of your wedding to cover transportation and accommodation. 

I'll offer a discount at any of these locations:

– LITERALLY ANYWHERE in Southeast Asia
– Dolomites, Italy
– Azores, Portugal


Do you shoot on more than one camera?

Yep! I shoot on two dual slot cameras and even have a third backup, that way I am taking every possible measure to ensure your photos are safe!


Do you shoot both film and digital, how many photos do we get?!

I shoot digital, 35mm & 120 film. As far as number of photos go, every wedding is different! I don't set a specific number, the number of photos that tell your story may be different from someone else. I can tell you that in an 8 hour wedding day my couples tend to receive between 600-1000 edited digital images. Depending on your coverage you'll receive between 36-100 film photos in a standard album.


Do you back up your photos?

Yes, within hours of your wedding, your photos are located in a minimum of three places to ensure safety!


Do you have insurance?

Yes I do and I can provide my policy when needed!


Do you offer albums and prints?

I deliver your photos through an amazing gallery service called pic-time. Through that site you will be able to purchase the highest quality prints from the best shops! I also partner with you to design your dream album and get those photos into a physical copy forever :)


Will you help me with a timeline?

Yes! I offer customized timelines for all of my clients, the day of your wedding won’t be the first time you hear from me! We will have consultations before your day, I’ll send you questionnaires and hopefully get to hang out at your engagement session. I’ll be here to walk you through the process and make sure you get the most out of your investment!


What precautions are you taking with covid/ I’m nervous about booking in a time like this, what are your policies?

I'm fully vaccinated WOOHOO! I completely understand your hesitation, I'll work with you to make sure we're following all local guidelines. When we have time to chat, I'll go over all rescheduling and cancellation policies!

Got any other specific questions?

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